Industrial Equipment

  • Heat Ex changer.....
  • Industrial Equipment....
  • Joints.....
  • Blowers....
  • Heat Ex changers.....

  • Air Coolers, Heat Ex-changers, Boldrocchi Group, Italy
  • Fans, Blowers, Dampers, etc. (Aereto, Boldrocchi, Comet, De Carenas, Ecologia)
  • Air Take Filters, Defitec SRL, Belgium
  • Drilling Equipment etc. Varnury of Exploration, China
  • Electric Motors, Marrelli Motors, Italy
  • Expansion Joints, Metal Bellows etc. Dekomte Kompensator-Technik GmbH, Germany
  • Heat Ex-changers plate type, Barriquand, France
  • Instrumentation, RDP Electronics, UK
  • Mechanical & Dry Gas Seals, Mechanical Seals
  • Steam Turbine & TG Sets, Schubert & Salzer, Germany
  • Valves & Fittings, Schubert & Salzer, Germany

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